Duck bouillon with noodles and vegetables PLN 9.00


Cream of cauliflower soup with roasted salmon, herbed toasts PLN 15.00


Cream of Sicilian tomato soup, Parmesan, pesto, herbed toasts PLN 15.00


Cream of pumpkin soup with burnt pumpkin seeds, herbed toasts PLN 15.00


Soup of the day PLN 15.00




Greek salad PLN 25.00


Chef’s salad PLN 25.00



Main course:


Chicken shank stewed with tomatoes and black olives, served with herbed toasts and mixed salads with dressing PLN 32.00


Duck's thigh with its own gravy, potatoes, caramelized red cabbage PLN 36.00


Pork roast with its own gravy, buckwheat groats, fried beetroot PLN 34.00


Schnitzel with prosciutto and herbs, new potatoes, string bean PLN 34.00


Dish of the Day PLN 32.00


Tagliatelle Alfreda PLN 25.00


Tagliatelle Zieloneze PLN 25.00


Bivalves served with tomato and herb sauce, herb toast PLN 34.00



Side dishes:


Mixed salads with dressing PLN 8.00


Caramelized red cabbage PLN 6.00


Cauliflower salad PLN 8.00


Spinach salad PLN 8.00





Seasonal fruit served with whipped cream PLN 15.00


Pancake filled with mascarpone served with raspberry and bilberry sauce PLN 17.00


Vanilla ice cream served with pumpkin oil PLN 13.00


Ice cream cup PLN 17.00